Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

The Nutritional Paradox presented at the CSR Asia Summit 2019

Food sustainability versus the interdependency of consumer expectations and corporate responsibilities are evolving at a high pace. 

Mark Lim, strategist at Nutritional Paradox, spoke on the panel for Doing Good While Eating Well: How Consumers & Corporates Galvanize One Another on Food Sustainability after presenting on the Nutritional Paradox.

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to resolve the Nutritional Paradox.

The Nutritional Paradox Tribal-Community’s goal is to resolve the food system’s Quadruple Burden on our people and planet. There are almost countless ways to do so, so we need everyone to help us. This Tribal-Community serves as a forum where everyone can share opinions, discuss and learn about the problems and solutions to the Nutritional Paradox. As it is a Community, we want everybody to build on each other's ideas in order to create true change.

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